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Live Bootcamp Training

Goal Setting, Lead Strategy, Product Overview, Mentor Site, Appt Setting

Product Placement & Underwriting Tips

Featuring FFLNW President, Matt Smith

How To Get Every Sale & How to Overcome

"I need to think about it."

People Skills & Types of Buyers

Featuring FFLNW President, Matt Smith

Success Principles

Phone & In-Home Training with FFLNW President, Matt Smith

Financial Inventory Training

Download the Financial Inventory here.

How to Show Numbers in the House

Featuring FFL Agent, Wayne Carr

Typography is the art and technique

Final Expense Close

Featuring FFL Cascades President, Tiffany Gruenberg

Zoom Live Dials & Training 

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Call 2 Close Series

Our Call 2 Close series was created to give our agents the very best of the beneath the surface training needed by today's producers. In the 1st Episode entitled Initial Contact, FFL President, Shawn Meaike narrates Vice Presidents, FFL Central Division, Bryan Mendenhall, FFL Tri-State, Marc Meade, and FFL Maryland, Frank Eufemia as they guide you through the 1st steps of managing your appointments. All of these astounding sales trainers have been inducted into the FFL Hall Of Fame (over $400,000 Issued Paid in yr.) and represent what true success looks like in the field today.

Call 2 Close - Ep. 1 
Initial Contact in Life Insurance

Call 2 Close - Ep. 2
Problem Solving

Call 2 Close - Ep. 3
The Close