Tips for being Successful!

These pointers could help new agents start on the road to success and serve as a reminder for veteran agents to brush up on their skills.

1. If you are booking appointments, acquiring leads, and seeing clients, you are busy. Action and activity are at the heart of being successful with Family First Life.

2. Treat this like a job. If you don't work, you won't help families or make money. Although with Family First Life you work for yourself and you are free to set your own schedule, it's best to do periodic checks to make sure you are using your time wisely and productively. In this day and age distractions are everywhere. Best to avoid them as much as possible when it is time to work!

3. Serve the Families! You visit the families we serve because they asked for your help. Make sure to enter every appointment thinking positively with a clear head. Your primary goals as an agent with Family First Life is to help the person who reached out to get coverage to protect their family.

4. The Phone! The phone is where you start the majority of your sales. Working with a prospective client on the phone is not easy. Listen to or watch the trainings. Work with your upline. Listen to a high producer on the phone and take notes. If you are a new agent this is where your learning begins, and veteran agents make sure to brush up on your phone skills now and then to make sure you are as effective as you can be.

5. Step outside your comfort zone. Sometimes at an appointment, you have to say things to prospective clients that are not easy to say. You may have to confront them on inconvenient truths because life insurance coverage is for the family and not the person purchasing it. You are helping the clients you are working with by telling them the real truth no matter how hard it is to say. Buying life insurance is looking at mortality in the face! It is not easy. 

6. Positivity. We are all a team here at Family First Life. All of our VPs and Board Members got where they are by helping families, and by helping other agents succeed. We are in this to succeed TOGETHER. Reach out to those above you, and they will help. Reach down to those below you and pull them up with you. Together we are disrupting insurance. Positivity is infectious.