Step Seven – Completing & Submitting Apps

Application Tips

Once you are appointed with the carriers, have your agent code, and full access to their website always use the eApp submission when possible.  When you do the eApp the process verifies that your application is in “Good Order” before submitting.

Always have paper apps with you as a backup.

Common mistakes made on the application – Always double check app before leaving:

  • Forget Social Security # or Driver license #
  • Signatures
  • Replacement forms and disclosures that need to be signed
  • Get a voided check or EFT form signed by client
  • Height and Weight (a lot of the apps hide this question) or if you ever need to rewrite on a different app

  • Along with policy replacements check to make sure you don’t need a senior form or disclosure.

Contact the carriers and they will ship you applications, folders, and marketing material for free.

New Agent Application Submission

If you are new agent following these steps to successfully completing and submitting your apps.

  1. Use paper application for your first apps.  When doing your appointment preparation log onto the carrier website and download the appropriate applications and disclosure forms for your state. Or call them and they will email them to you.  SAVE these apps in a folder on your computer so you quick access.
  2. Double check your application before you leave the home to make sure signatures, driver license, social security #, bank info, prescriptions are noted along with the appropriate bank draft date for the 1st premium.
  3. First couple apps highlight signature areas before you leave the home.
  4. Scan and email your application to your manager to review prior to submitting.

  5. Submit your application to the appropriate carrier.

  6. Follow up within 48 hours if you have not received a confirmation from the carrier to make sure your app was “good order” and they received it.

See Insurance Carrier page for submission fax # and email address for carrier