Being successful requires consistent lead flow. 

We also find it important to create a well-rounded lead strategy.  All lead sources work, but combining them will bring most consistent lead flow and revenue!

There are variety of leads sources in this section that will allow you to develop a lead strategy based on your sales goals and budget.


You can work with your direct manager or VP to develop a lead strategy for your business.

Everything a new agent needs to know about leads

Sasha and the Lead Department go over everything that a new agent needs to know about leads.  This is crucial to a new agent learning about the CRM and what lead programs are available through the FFL corporate office.

CRM Lead Order Tutorial

Here is a tutorial on how navigate through the CRM and order cherry pick leads.  If you aren’t seeing many leads available in your area please email support@mailproleads.com with the zip code, county and state of the area you are interested in so they can begin targeting leads in your area.


Interested in additional Direct Mailer options (exclusive to FFLNW agents)? - Email emily@fflinw.com!