Agent Spotlight Training

Each month we highlight a top producer and their success.  We want agents to see what it takes to start from the very bottom and rise to the top quickly.  The agents on this call have motivation and dedication to gain early success.  They have followed the steps in the process we provide from the beginning, immersed themselves into training's, bought leads consistently and essentially hit the ground running.  Most importantly they do not try and re-invent the wheel!

Charles Taylor - FFL Strength & Finance


Nathan Curtis - FFL Evolve


Franklin Ferguson - FFLNW


James "Bo" Kelly - FFL Strength & Finance

Cassandra Pawelec - FFL Shield

Billy Kimball - FFL Strength & Finance

Sam Alexander - FFL Northern Star

Andrew Taylor - FFL USA

Luke Bohac - FFL Strength & Finance

Kyle Ammann - FFL Strength & Finance

Dan Gruenberg - FFL Cascades

Marcus Murray - FFL Aspire

Klint Nuntapreda - FFL Aspire

Pamela Mitter - FFL Shield

Bryan Rowlands - FFL Wolves

John Gavin - FFL North

Jessica Powers - FFL Aspire

Chris Casarez - FFL Shield

Dean Pavlic - FFL Shield

Brad Allan - FFL Emerald City