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Family First Life continues to offer the best products in the industry and by doing so, we strive to provide options in all Five Quintants of this business; Life, Health, Annuity, IUL's and MedSup.  Along with that, we provide the best training in the industry for each of these quintants.

Do you want to advance yourself in these markets to be able to offer your clients a wide spread of products?  This section will provide you some direction on where to start and links for training.   Check with your manager, upline or their staff to find out how to become appointed with our carriers that offer these products!

Family First Life AMS Website

This is the one stop shop for Advanced Market Sales with Family First Life!  Not only is there loads of training available, this site is where you will submit your scenarios through the Ask A Specialist tool,  access to your FREE Insurance Drip Account, find a complete Getting Started Guide for annuities, promotion guides, commission grids, marketing materials, and MUCH more!

Live Training

Join us live every Thursday at 8:00am PST on Facebook for the Advanced Market Training!  Join by going to this link here: AMS Live on Facebook

You can find past recordings by going to the Family First Life YouTube Channel here: AMS Live Channel

Join the AMS Facebook Group

Have you seen the new Family First Life AMS Facebook group?  Join today so you can keep up to date on all things Annuity & IUL!  AMS Facebook Group

Please make sure to answer the questions when you request to join so we can get you approved. These questions help us confirm that you are part of the FFL team. They also give us a bit of information about your time at FFL so that we can provide the most relevant information for you!

Are you ready to write an Annuity but not sure where to start?

Are you interested in writing annuities?  Do you want to learn more and be prepared to tackle your first one without any hold ups?   Please visit the Getting Started Guide (linked below) prepared by our Advanced Market team for your convenience.  This guide will go over 5 quick steps necessary to write your first annuity.  Please review all of this information before you write and submit your first annuity.  Don't hesitate to reach out to the specialists for assistance, you can send them your scenario through the Ask A Specialist tool available on the AMS website OR you can email them at

Do you need assistance writing an Athene Annuity Application?


Below you'll find a link for a tutorial on filling out Annuity Application for Athene. The link is also available on under the "helpful links" tab of the "Resources" section.

Athene App Tutorial:

Please watch this tutorial and use it as a reference when filling out or reviewing applications for Athene.  If you have questions, you can email  


Learn How to Submit an Ask a Specialist for IUL'S

Watch the tutorial below to learn about submitting an ask a specialist request for writing IUL's.  Our IUL specialist, Kim Moothart, is here to assist with all of your IUL questions and submissions.  You can contact her directly by email with additional questions!

MoO IUL Express Product Tutorial

Check out the video below where Sean Ruggiero explains when to write the MoO IUL Express product.  If you have additional questions, be sure to reach out to our IUL Specialist Kim -

Medicare 101

Are you interested in growing your knowledge in Medicare and how to offer these products to your clients?  Check out this power point and visit this website below to learn more!

Additional Training Resources

In Home Presentation

Agent, Skylar Smith, is one of our Medicare specialists.  His knowledge in this Advanced Market is very strong and he has helped several agents in becoming certified and learning how to offer this to their clients.  Check out this video of Skylar's In-Home Presentation for Medicare Products

Join the FFL Med Sup Training Facebook Group

Have you seen or been to the FFL Med Sup Training Facebook Group?   Join today so you can keep up with training and updates!

Americo MedSup Phone Number:


Additional Med Sup Carriers:

United Health Care


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